Trends in Cabinetry

Like fashion or furniture, cabinetry follows trends. From
the coasts inward to the Midwest, innovations in style and
The average homeowner will undertake only one or two
kitchen projects in a lifetime. Almost all of an investment
in a kitchen design can be recouped upon resale. The
investment is well worth the effort, since the selling point
for many homebuyers is the kitchen.

Cabinetry finishes like Chocolate, Cognac, and Kaffe offer
a dramatic old world feel. White thermofoil and natural
maple/birch keep things light and airy for many living on
the coast.  Cherry and maple remain popular choices for
wood species. Popular right now are gently distressed and
glazed cabinetry that mimic pieces of furniture.

Cabinetry style itself takes either of two paths. Some
homeowners opt for ornate decorative features like onlays,
mullion doors, spice drawers, corbels, and arch valances.
Others are choosing contemporary, clean lines moving away
from raised panel doors.

So often you’ll see that replacement of existing cabinetry
is as cost effective as refacing cabinets, so don't be afraid
to start from scratch. You'll be glad you did. Come tell us
about your dream kitchen and watch it come to life.
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